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Mengintegrasikan konsep modernitas dan eco-design, Rio Residence Townhouse & Pavillion menjadi proyek pertama Pagar Hijau Group di Yogyakarta. Proyek dengan unit hunian terbatas menghadirkan kenyamanan private smart living, dan mobilitas bagi penghuninya, didukung dengan material bangunan dari supplier lokal dan internasional.

Proyek Rio Residence di Jl. Kapten Hariyadi, antara Jalan Kaliurang dan Jalan Palagan, berkembang menjadi simpul kawasan penghubung baru. Modern, elegan, nyaman dan asri, menyajikan privasi dan keamanan untuk penghuninya. 

Convenient Location & Mobility

Safe, Modern, Smart Homes

Flexible financing Scheme 

Market demand growth 

Highlights - Rio Residence, Yogyakarta

Rio Res Pro aims to help smart cities and communities reduce emission by providing equitable access to mobility, create healthier citizens and help local business thrive. Current public facilities in the vicinity include a number of vital objects, economic centers, public administration services, health, banking, educational facilities and others ; Gentan market, state-owned banks, Pertamina gas stations, Serba Sambal restaurants, Indomaret Point 24hours, Alfa Midi retailer, 24 hr hospital & pharmacy, and prestigious universities UTY, UII, and UGM, all within 10 minutes drive.

Project site is strategically situated with micro infrastructure e.g drainage, access and road connectivity, power and fiber optic networks. A one gate system of 4–5-meter RoW connected to Jalan Hariyadi Street; high traffic route from Kaliurang street to the west of Palagan street. The business and municipal district is located about 5 km West of national highways of Jalan Magelang where Sleman City Hall and nearby anticipated exit toll ramp. Also, 3,5 km to the South of the Padjajaran arterial road (North Ring Road).

What's for you early private and institutional investors, Rio Residence portfolio offers real estate deals that project high growth in value and returns through cash distributions. Strategic locations hedged low risk in storing differentiated asset value and protect growth of invested private equities over 20 years period while leveraged through banking prime rates. Most asset managers collect nett operating income yield (*13-15% p.a) and capital gain in asset appreciation. 

And if you're shopping for your first homes, our clusters comprised of low-rise, compact guesthouses and pavillion rooms, optimizing highest best use (HBU) asset value, with premium freehold (SHM) status, covering total area of ​​1150m2

In 2019, we initiated second phase of (2) pavillion houses, on a total area of ​​340m2 with 20 rooms. Selected façade concurs with modern style of the building's exterior which emphasizes balance of natural elements reflected on landscape, water, stone and wood. Floor plan was designed to include functional and practical Scandinavian moblierts, creating a modern and private yet comfortable in-house living experience. 

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Why invest in Rio Residence Properties?


House financing allows you to purchase Rp 1M asset with only Rp 200 million and affordable installment. 


Investing in property class asset are strategic opportunities and stable hedged by differentiated tangible asset.


Monthly rent dues cover all O&M expenses, making returns to owners.  


Annual appreciation in holding real estate value (6-8% per annum)

About RR

Rio Residence Property acquires, manages and develops real estate portfolio driven by value creation and ESG investing. Our mission is to expand market access and strategies for private and institutional investors to contribute directly to selected funds and real estate in smart cities projects.